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  • Capture Customers Reviews

    An easy mobile friendly way for your customers to instantly publish a review to such sites as Facebook or Google+ before they leave your place of business
  • Catch Bad Reviews

    Our system offers you a simple way to publish and moderate the review before they get posted to both our site and yours
  • Build An Opt-In List

    The system offers an effective way for you to build a large and profitible email or mobile opt-in list
  • The Importance and Value of Online Reviews is Rising

    Use the power of reviews to help grow your business!

Why Capture Customer Reviews

According to reports from Forester Research, around 70% of consumers will trust a recommendation from a friend, but just 10% of them will trust an advertisement.

Approximately 72% of consumers that have been surveyed have stated that they would trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know.

Foresters Research findings have shown that a consumer will actually trust online reviews over a search engines results. This shows that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may get your site to the top of the listings, but may not persuade someone to become a customer.

Customers reviews are now one of the most important types of content for your businesses reputation and new customer growth. Facebook has started a new search algorithm (Graph Search) that takes into account recommendations from friends and their friends when you do a search and Google isn’t  too far behind.

Potential customers want fast access to information and online access to reviews gives them that availability. An easy to use review system is becoming very important to business owners wanting to take keep abreast of their online reputation and correct it as needed.

A major part in reputation management is getting your customers to post reviews about your business for others to see. For the most part your customers will do this when they get home, but most of all they have to remember to do it. A happy customer may tell a few people but an unhappy customer will tell everyone.

Our system gives you the ability to have happy customers post to several sources quickly and capturing negative review and trying to correct the issue before a negative review is posted. Your customer simply uses their smart phone to scan a QR code that takes them directly to you ranking form. Depending on their ranking (between 1 to 5) they can be deliver a different message for each rating.

For example, if you are given a ranking of 1 to 2 stars a message apologizing for their bad experience and questions to see if you can rectify the problem, turning them from a dissatisfied customer to a happier one. This also gives you the ability to hear what is happening in your business when you may not be around. If a customer leaves a 3 to 5 star ranking they could get a different message thanking them and giving them a list of locations to post their review (Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn). Each rating from 1 through 5 can be sent a different message and these post can be posted directly to your website as well as ours. You can also set the  number of stars a ranking must be before it is viewable (EX 3 stars and above).

As a business owner we understand that you are busy growing your business. Our system is an easy way to help build many positive reviews as well as catching bad ones before they are posted for everyone to see.

Take just a few minutes of  your time to find out how beneficial to the growth of your business the “Rank Your Experience System” can be by contacting us today!


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Jun 26, 2013
Bob P

Looks like a program we can use for our business

Jun 15, 2013
Terry Asher

Great program.

Jun 11, 2013
Bob Bermel

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